Context "Azbuka Vkusa" satisfied the growing demand for products supporting a healthy lifestyle with a line of ready-made cooking "Counting calories". But for those who adhere to stricter nutrition protocols, exclude sugar, refined oils, gluten or lactose, it's not enough just to count calories. Therefore, when launching the "Azbuka life" brand, the "Azbuka Vkusa" team decided to form a separate line of "Azbuka life pro", refining some of the existing dishes of the "Counting Calories" line and creating a new assortment.
Brief Dishes from the new line are a new assortment developed with the participation of nutritionists of the "Azbuka Vkusa". In these dishes, special emphasis is placed on ingredients — pure composition. It is necessary to develop a visual solution that would reflect the expertise of this line and emphasize a special approach to the formation of the composition of the dish. And was also a part of both the "Azbuka life" brand and the "Azbuka Vkusa" eco-system as a whole.
Decision To form the idea of a visual solution, we went from a portrait of the target audience. They are characterized by such characteristics as consistency, structurality and organization. Therefore, the designer became a metaphor for the visual image of the packaging. And we were inspired by Pete Mondrian and his neoplasticism of straight lines. Instead of the color that Mondrian usually fills rectangles with, we used the ingredients of the dish. So we got a live constructor of ingredients. The block system can have many options depending on the composition of the product. And the ingredients are selected so that the consumer can quickly understand what kind of dish it is. The white color speaks of purity and expertise, and the silver color in the handwritten inscription Pro is inherited from the "Counting calories" line. We have also developed a system of brands: "vegan", "keto" and "paleo", which have their own color code and serve as a differentiating element on the shelf.

Design director Alexandra Loginevskaya
Sergey Trushevskii, Yana Pashnina, Arseny Arkatov
Production team Vadim Sharin, Daria Gornostaeva, Julia Pechinnova, Vadim Kulakov 
Text Maria Bushueva, Ira Ivanova
Product lead Anna Belaya
Nutritionist Anastasia Medvedeva-Marchyk
Project management Alena Radionova, Polina Vinogradova,
Elena Batichek, Kristina Putinceva, Anastasia Safonova

Azbuka design 2022

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