Context In the "Azbuka vkusa", the key assortment offer is ready-made cooking, which contains 9 lines. One of them is "Counting calories". It appeared in 2016 and was positioned as a line for a healthy lifestyle, where the most important thing is the number of calories in the dish. But a healthy lifestyle has ceased to be associated only with how many calories a person consumes every day. Now the consumer looks more at the compositions, at what ingredients are in it, and also the line that healthy lifestyle is only a benefit is erased, now it is also a taste.
Brief A new line of ready-made cooking under the brand "Azbuka life" should become part of the ecosystem of products and services for a healthy lifestyle of the same name. This is a line for those who follow the basic principles of conscious nutrition, choose simple, but delicious and balanced dishes. We need to develop a brand system that reflects its positioning — a new self-care. To convey that a healthy lifestyle is easy, understandable, very warm and friendly. At the same time, it is important to integrate the "Azbuka life" into the ecosystem of services and trademarks of the "Azbuka vkusa".
Decision The basis of the visual solution was a simple message: "Azbuka life" is your way of life, lifestyle. The white color is inherited from the "Counting calories" line, builds up from other lines of ready-made cooking, is associated with cleanliness and lightness. Additional colors divide the dishes into 4 categories: breakfasts (yellow), salads (green), soups (red) and main dishes (red). And serve as navigation on the shelf. The photo approach reveals the taste of the dish, and the interaction with the dish highlights that it will perfectly fit into your daily lifestyle. The graphic element — a handwritten stroke — emphasizes that we cook dishes with our own hands at our own production. Each category has its own unique touch.

Design director Alexandra Loginevskaya
Daria Kwon, Sergey Trushevskii, Yana Pashnina, Nastya Evdokimova
Production team Vadim Sharin, Daria Gornostaeva, Julia Pechinnova, Vadim Kulakov 
Text Maria Bushueva, Ira Ivanova
Product lead Anna Belaya
Nutritionist Anastasia Medvedeva-Marchyk
Project management Alena Radionova, Polina Vinogradova,
Elena Batichek, Kristina Putinceva, Anastasia Safonova

Azbuka design 2022

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